The California Association of Trades (C.A.T.) is an organization for the new economy. One in which workers and owners work together to define relationships that work for everyone.

          In the state of California, the Union Building trades have dominated the legislature to pass laws that prevent Merit Shops from obtaining “prevailing wage” jobs. This keeps these workers from earning higher wages without being a member of the big labor unions.

This practice is known as Project Labor Agreements, or PLA’s. We believe in fair PLA’s that do not exclude Merit shop workers. PLA’s are okay if they would allow all workers to work on these projects.  However, the Trade Unions, through legislative practices, have passed laws that make it virtually impossible for Merit Shop members to obtain these jobs without forcing their employees to become members of the AFL-CIO.

         The California Association of Trades (C.A.T.) exists to assist workers to be employed by a company that would be able to work on more “prevailing wage” jobs. Therefore, helping you make more money for you and your family. We also aid in all your work-related issues.

C.A.T. does not use any of the fees collected for any political contributions. C.A.T. uses collected fees to cover the cost of representing you in this statewide battle to keep California workers from being shut out of “prevailing wage” projects and for other work-related issues.

         We have helped in the development of the California Labor Management Cooperation Committee (CCLMCC). Together with them, we will be able to work with various developers, contractors, and government organizations to help increase employment opportunities, without being required to join the building trade unions.

         C.A.T. is an affiliate of the CIU, a national organization which represents workers all over the country in various industries such as construction, manufacturing plants, grocery stores, rail-car restoration, and other aspects of the workforce.

        Members and affiliates have agreements specifically designed for their place of employment, without the influence of outside groups, that allows you to maintain your autonomy like an employee association.